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The healthiest popcorn

For over 25 years, we have been manufacturing and developing automatic popcorn machines that use hot air, without added oils or fats.

TAM is a pioneer and takes responsibility for its own research and development activities, acquisition of raw materials, production, and marketing of popcorn machines, spare parts, and consumables.

Operating from its headquarters in Barcelona, TAM extends its reach to all its distributors in the United States.

¿How it works?


Then, the machine dispenses a cardboard cup that the user has to open and place at the popcorn machine.


At 374ºF temperature and
dispense 1.59oz of corn into the
cooking unit, processing time (75 sec).


As the corn expands into “popcorn”, the machine ejects and cleans the heater with a vigorous blast of air.

Step by step

The machine

These machines not only offer fresh and crispy popcorn they are also an attraction in themselves.

Perfect for game rooms, amusement parks, and entertainment centers, these machines add a touch of nostalgia and joy to any location.

Would you like to offer a popcorn service in your business?


Model: 150_US

Autonomy: 250 portions of 1,59oz of corn

Flavors: 3

Corn containers: 2 of 24 lb each

Capacity: 2×24 lb of corn and 250 cups

Type flavors: Salty, sweet & mixted

Cups dispenser: 1 of 250 u.

Payment systems:

OPTION 1: Bill Acceptor: 4-channel CCTALK

OPTION 2: Coin selector: 12-channel electronic CCTALK

Cashless system: Yes (optional)



Experience the perfect explosion with our top-quality salted popcorn.


Sweeten your special moments with our irresistible sweet popcorn.


Merge the salty and the sweet
in a single bag with
our mixed popcorn.


1,587 OZ CUP

High quality

Attractive design

Easy going

1,587 oz of corn/unit

(box of 450 cups)


Flavors: Extra Salty, Extra Sweet

Box of 8 bags of 5,51 lb (2,5 kg)

*Extra salty

*Sweet Caramel


I couldn’t be happier with my popcorn machine purchase from this website! The technology applied to corn popping is truly impressive. Now, I can enjoy delicious popcorn anytime I want, right in the comfort of my own home. Highly recommend!

Sarah M.

As a tech enthusiast, I appreciate the innovation and precision in each product. My family loves the popcorn we make with our new machine. Thanks for making movie nights extra special!

James W.

I found this website while I was looking for a popcorn machine for my business. The technology applied to these machines is top quality and the customer service was excellent. Our customers love our fresh popcorn, and it has become a big hit. Thank you!

María G.


What type of corn should I use?

TAM SL recommends using our specially treated corn for hot air machines, which comes with incorporated aroma and popcorns already come out with flavors: sweet, salty, caramel, butter, vanilla.

In our machines, you can use any type of corn. There are many types of corn, but only some are suitable for making popcorn: popping corn, mushroom corn, and zea mays everata Sturt. These grains are characterized by having very tough and hard skin, starch inside, and water in the center.

If you use untreated corn in hot air machines and then add salt or sugar afterward, it won’t stick to the popcorns, and they won’t have any flavor.

How long does it take to make a batch?

The cooking time for one serving of popcorn is 90 seconds. This period needs to be supplemented with preheating, which can vary from 10 to 60 seconds.

Do they come with a guarantee?

The mandatory warranty period is two years from the invoice date, covering both parts and labor. Any transportation costs will be the responsibility of the owner.

Can I adjust the portion sizes?

The weight of the servings can be adjusted within a range of plus or minus 5 grams to achieve the optimal popcorn cup. The volume of the cardboard cup cannot be modified.

How is it cleaned and maintained?

The machine includes a cleaning manual that must be followed meticulously according to the specified times to ensure food hygiene in the machine.

What should I do if I have a technical problem?

To contact the technical service of your distributor or seller, please reach out directly to them. Alternatively, you can also contact TAM SL’s technical service via email at:

¡Enjoy your popcorns!